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Famous firsts in American cities: First shopping carts Basing his design on a wooden folding chair, grocer Sylvan Nathan Goldman introduced the first shopping cart on June 4, 1937 The concept soon caught on, and Goldman became a multimillionaire by collecting royalties on every shopping cart in the United States.

Did you know in 1937 when the first shopping cart was invented men refused to use them? Men described the item as being too feminine. Women then neglected the idea of using them as they ‘looked too much like a pushchair’. The inventor Sylvan Goldman had to hire both male and female models / actors to push the invention around stores to promote the idea which eventually made the invention grow in popularity.

The shopping cart invented by Oklahoman Sylvan Goldman. Introduced 6/4/1937 at Humpty Dumpty Food Mkt. in Oklahoma City. The rest is history.

Taking Design Inspiration from the Humble Shopping Cart

Taking Design Inspiration from the Humble Shopping Cart: wireframe blueprint shopping cart Sylvan Goldman

On this day in LIFE magazine — January 3, 1955: Special Issue: Food.

Carrelli della spesa 3D - kart dwg

Carrelli della spesa 3D - kart dwg

Chi ha inventato il carrello della spesa? -

Come Sylvan Goldman, un piccolo commerciante dell'Oklaoma, ebbe l'idea che rivoluzionò il modo in cui facciamo la spesa.