Riccardo Conti

Riccardo Conti

And the fever called "Living", Is conquered at last
Altre idee da Riccardo

'Amsterdam new Sodom and Gomorrah' by Anna Beeke from the first issue of 'Suck, The First European Sex Paper', 1969

Philippe Wolfers, "Le Jour et La Nuit" brooch, 1897

Arno Breker portraying Walter Kusch, 1960s

a meal from Mikio Naruse's Repast, 1951

Louis-Léopold Boilly, Tartini's Dream, 1700'

Native woman in a ceremonial costume of hemlock boughs. Western Hemlock was believed to draw the spirits and foster communication with them.

Collin de Plancy, conversation with the devil, 1819

Chamunda, the Horrific Destroyer of Evil, India, 10th-11th century

George Platt Lynes, Dancer in Costume with Animal Skull Headpiece, 1930s-50s

Bottle, Crab Demon, Moche, Peru, 4th–7th century