Baby hippo needs a little underwater nudge from mama. Baby hippos are born underwater at a weight between 25 and 45 kg lb) and an average length of around 127 cm in) and must swim to the surface to take their first breath.

free diving with the sea's gentle giant, a whale shark

Free diving with the sea's gentle giant,a whale shark by Underwater Photographer, Jason Isley~ ♛

Let's go swimming!

I love this photo. Lakes scare me as much as I love swimming in them, but this photo must be replicated someday.

Muhammad Ali

LIFE magazine ran one of the late Flip Schulke's photographs of Muhammad Ali in 1961 "training" underwater in a Miami swimming pool. Ali swore that the underwater workouts made him the fastest heavyweight in the world.


See below for some new work from Beijing-based EDGE Creative Collective photographer Ren Hang. If you'd like to collaborate with Ren Hang, purchase any of


Rajan is one of the few salt water swimming elephants on Earth. Initially trained to carry out brutal logging work in the Andaman Islands in the he was forced to swim with massive loads. Now retired, at 60 years old he is the last of the group to survive.


One girl getting her hair pulled as six crack swimmers play a fast scrimmage of water polo at the Athletic Club, Photo by Peter Stackpole.