Roberto Giovannini
Roberto Giovannini
Roberto Giovannini

Roberto Giovannini

The Roberto Giovannini brand is the emblem of a culture created thanks to the passing of time

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The atmosphere inspired by a #RobertoGiovannini space is one of absolute elegance thanks to the decor, fabrics, and carefully selected accessories. The harmony of the shapes and products is enhanced by refined finishings

What are you watching tonight?

What are you going to put in this closet?

The quality javascript:void(0)of natural wood and the incredible know-how of artisans are the base of true, honest works of art, which are born from the heart and grown from the hands of experts whom dedicate their entire lives to a craft that they love. Transforming their very homes into a diary that speaks to us, allowing us to live and revive our memories in our surroundings.

Like a dream in the clouds

More light, better life

What you see is not simply a night table. It's a fine piece of outstanding modern art

The Benefits of Working With Your Hands

Our square side table takes care of all those things you like to have close by