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Erica arborea - 'Alpina' (Tree Heather)

Erica Arborea (tree heather), acid loving, evergreen perennial, grows up to so a good windbreak plant.

Pistacia lentiscus / Mastika / 5 semenki

Pistacia lentiscus / Mastika / 5 semenki / mastic shrub known for its healing aromatic resin σχίνος

Arbutus unedo - Single Trunk - Forms We Grow - Boething Treeland Farms

An excellent evergreen tree native to southern Europe and Ireland, this small decorative tree is remarkably adaptable to various climates and uses. Whether in the desert, at the beach or inland, Arbutus unedo will thrive in the full sun or part shade, pa

Caper Bush (Capparis Spinosa)

Capparis spinosa - Kappertjesplant - Palma Verde Exoten V.

Rhamnus alaternus 'Argenteovariegata' - Bourgue épine panaché - Nerprun alaterne argenté

'Argenteovariegata' is a beautiful evergreen shrub with glossy, green and whites leaves and inconspicuous yellow flower clusters in April.

Sister Golden Hair™ Cytisus scoparius 'SMNCSG. F' -Common Name: “Scotch Broom. Color: Deep Yellow Ht:12-18"xW:12-18" Hardiness Zone: (5)6-8. A powerful spring bloomer, large, golden yellow blooms cover Sister Golden Hair™ head to toe. Standing 12-18" tall, mounding habit weeps over. Great in containers, landscape borders. in full sun, this Scotch Broom grows well in dry sandy soil. Hardy in zones 6-8, Deer resistant. Blooms on old growth so we recommend trimming after flowering.

Order Cytisus SISTER GOLDEN HAIR® - (Scotch Broom) online from Garden Crossings.

Oleander (Nerium oleander) - Mediterranean-Style Plants on HGTV

Nerium Oleander Plant - Produce a very strong ingredient used in the NeriumAD night cream. - Very effective to remove wrinkles<-- OMG they used to have these at my elementary school, the flowers have a very strong vanilla scent.