Sacra di San Michele - Turino province , Piemonte region, Italy

Sacra di San Michele - Turino province , Piemonte region, Italy The Lord is my Sheperd!

Barolo. Piedmont region. Barolo is also a name of a famous red wine... but look at the town as well.... iuuuuuuuu

An aerial view of Falletti Castle, and the surrounding town of Barolo, where the museum is located. © Museo del Vino a Barolo. The new Barolo Wine Museum, which opened in has quickly become something of a mecca for lovers of Barolo wines

I fell in love with Torino on a morning like this. Sunrise and no one out yet, the fog just lifted and I had a clear view of the alps turning purple and pink from the sunrise. Such a gorgeous city

Inside the palazzo The stairs. This has nothing to do with the palazzo, just like to see it here.

Casa Scaccabarozzi, nota più familiarmente dai torinesi come la Fetta di Polenta, si trova a Torino all'angolo fra corso S.Maurizio e via Giulia di Barolo. Fu progettata da Alessandro Antonelli nel 1840

Casa Scaccabarozzi, nota come la Fetta di Polenta - Casa Scaccabarozzi, the building known as "the slice of polenta" - Alessandro Antonelli 1840 - Turin - Italy

The most important tipology of the Truffles is divided in White and Black. White Truffle is the one we usually find in Piedmont (near Alba) and in Tuscany between San Miniato and Montaione, it is more precious than the Black one

Montaione has an ancient tradition in Truffle-harvesting dated back at the first year of XX century. The ancient origin of Truffle are remembered since the Romans and the Egyptian when they used as food.