25: Bottle Cap Picture Frame

recycle bottle tops into a cool, retro, mod picture frame. Hammer the caps flat, lay out, glue down and bend around the edge of the frame. Try around a mirror frame for the basement

I thought it would be neat to show a pic I found of hand mirrors on the wall since I just pinned this idea. Old vintage hand held mirrors used as a lovely wall display.

GREAT IDEA "Take a look at this Old rake wine glass holder. Who doesn't love a little garden house, rustic style to decorate your wine bar with." This is adorable. And obviously, in my house I'll need a place to keep my wine glasses ;

Get Rid of House Flies with Cloves

How to Get Rid of House Flies with Cloves. While there are many deterrents used to get rid of pesky house flies from your home or other surroundings, cloves are among the most popular. To get rid of house flies with cloves, simply poke

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Credo sia un metodo troppo "forte", magari si può adattare.

Sciroppo zenzero limone e miele contro tosse e raffreddore

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La sua casa ha sempre un PROFUMO buonissimo, ecco qual è il suo trucco!

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