RadicediK - IF by Beppe Trifirò & Maria Carmela Ventura. Double sided mirror/lamp. A monolith, a pure element. If is a pane that connotes stability, permanence, perfection, purity. It is a symbol of freedom. With the touch of a button, a light from “inside" projects on the outer surface the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling

RadicediK - Nelson Mandela by Gian Piero Gasparini

RadicediK - Jar by Ettore Contro & Mirco Monopoli JAR is a flower pot, an imperfect object, unable to function as a container. To do this, it requires a support, a rope to hold the parts together so that it can host a plant. One day, when the plant has grown enough and its roots are spread all over the ground, the rope will no longer needed. The plant and pot can live in harmony, each one essential to the other in perfect balance.

RadicediK#01 - La Conoscenza Faros lamp Silvia Reggiani

RadicediK - AlterEgo by Eva Alessandrini & Roberto Saporiti. This square seat is comprised of an apparently compact and chromatically uniform structure. However, it contains multitudes: through a series of spatial reformulations, it cleaves into two smaller cubes of a different chromatic aspect, thus manifesting its versatility and multiplicity.

RadicediK - Unchained by Alberto Gerola. Symbolizing broken chains, this lamp consists of three parts: a stone base, a fixed ring and a broken, mobile ring, which at each end has a LED light source. The object can be either mounted on a wall or on the ceiling

RadicediK#01 - La Conoscenza Mandalamp Maddalena Turchini

RadicediK#01 - La Conoscenza Promenade Eva Alessandrini e Roberto Saporiti

RadicediK #1 - La Conoscenza Logaritma Bookcase Gianfranco Colombo

RadicediK #1 - La Conoscenza Shangri-La bookcase Beppe Trifirò e Maria Carmela Ventura

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