Throwback Thursday pic! Year 2008, a weird glamster with a strange guitar, blonde hair and eyeliner. Chicks were all in love with that guy!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are working on something new. This is just a little preview, a strange setting. What do you expect?

Our frontman Wolla has found something that can enlarge his already big ego. LoL Stay tuned, news are arriving soon!

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We are thinking about our last tour, it was amazing! Can't wait the time we'll come back on stage! And it will be soon, homies!

Hello everybody! Do you know who is the owner of this eye? Sure you don't. But don't forget it, soon you'll meet him again.

Ehm... It looks like we've got a situation here! Hahaha no, just kidding, this is only our way to support equal marriage rights!

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An excited guitarist with his new treasure! Our frontman Wolla writing some cool stuff with Kemper Amp!

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Say hi to Ekaterina! We met in s Pete during our tour. Now she is our official VK admin and she's doing an incredible work! And she's pretty too!

The way of music is long and hard, but wonderful. This year has been full of experiences and adventures for all of us. We are putting all of them into our new work, starting to write our first full length. We hope to share with you all the emotions we have inside! Time to write!

We don't really know the meaning of this pic, but it seems that people like it.

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