If Hogwarts' dress code was a little more lenient.requiring the gray skirt, white shirt, House robes & tie, but allowing you to do anything else with it. I'm a griffindor but my fashion choices for each House.<<<<<-------- Either Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

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The Mumu Wedding Collection

Show Me Your Mumu is best known for reinventing the traditional mu'u mu'u for modern girls, their effortlessly chic and versatile dresses, tops, & bottoms in bold & colorful prints have become wardrobe staples to be worn .

Matrimonio.it | Frasi d'amore - "Mi dissero che per farla innamorare dovevo farla ridere, ma ogni volta che ride m'innamoro io."

mi dissero che per farla innamorare dovevo fala ridere. I was told that I had to make her fall in love with her laugh .

"Dice una leggenda che se non riesci a dormire la notte è perché sei sveglio nel sogno di qualcun altro" #ChiardilunaMaterassi

"There is a legend that if you can not sleep at night, its because you're awake in someone else's dream"


Do you want to dance with me. This reminds me of Jacob at about this age and and he asked a little girl to dance when we were at a wedding and she said no. He took it well and proceeded to dance by himself.

Non t'innamorare della persona più bella del mondo ma di quella persona che fa il tuo mondo più bello…

Do not fall in love with the most beautiful person in the world but the one person who makes your world more beautiful buonanotte amo.

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