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Lego MOC Modular WIP - Library facade | by elizabeth nevermind

You know you'll never finish a modular when you start to steal pieces from it for other projects.

LEGO Tree House by Torgar

LEGO Tree House by Torgar - What the. Love this - can you imagine the amount of work that went into this LEGO structure?

Immagine correlata

The release of the LEGO modular building series in 2007 prompted enthusiasts to model their own inspired creations. Since the series' inception hundred of user

BrickHamster | LEGO blog for LEGO fans.

Łukasz Libuszewski built a modular building and combined it was a previous work. As always, his buildings feature incredible detail, both inside and out. To me these are a lot better than the official LEGO modular series!

Slope 18˚ / 30˚

This is an illustration of how to make a smooth continuation of slopes that accommodates for the slope lip that measure approximately half the height of a plate = 4 LDU.

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Windows - Building Sideways

Windows - Building Sideways Part 7 (Love the details - 2 pics down in stream are 2 other window ideas - must use them!