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This would look great with a bow like the ones found here:

Emma oil and acrylic on canvas 100x100cm 2015 ROBERTA CONI

Gottfried Helnwein,

ClosHer Roberta Coni The distance is a point of view

selfportrait by Roberta Coni cm 50x50 oil on canvas 2013

Illusion: Looking at Roberta Coni’s oil paintings, one can get a sense of the inner emotions of the portrayed models. The eyes are intense, and the expressions are honest and raw. It is like each woman has told you one of their life’s hardships, and is waiting for you to say something in return. See also: [...].

Roberta Coni, Omaggio a Vermeer p.3 140x200cm, 2009

Le disperate strida 5: Roberta Coni, oil on canvas, 2012, cm 120x120

Enno dannati i peccator carnali: Roberta Coni, oil on canvas, 2012, cm 120x300