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El mundo y su estética profunda.

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The color red. A sweet picture which reminds me of home. This could suggest we are still in Syria where we can buy whatever we need. Here away from home we can still find what we need. Still I miss home. We should not sit and grieve with tears on our faces. We have to be patient.

"I tried to hide my sad face with a beautiful red veil in order to make my sadness look beautiful."

The shadow shows many things. I don't have much to say. Here we have a shadow of a man dreaming of being a photographer one day.

They fly in the sky and decorate it.

There was a soap bubble on the drain and I saw my picture in it and took a photograph.

The Tea Pot When I am tired and exhausted, when I am sad, I like to make tea. In this picture I was so tired and sad. So I made tea and I drank it

Human Expressions through his Shadow A human shows off his talents in the shadows reflected in the light of the sun.

A Door to Freedom Birds express the children, because children dream of freedom like birds. Children imitate the bird’s rebellion.