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the interior of a modern building with curved walls and white lighting on either side of the wall
The Origin of Life Museum_URO Design
an image of a blue and white object that is cut into two sections, with the top half showing
SimVisuals: The Ultimate Edge Blending & Image Warping Software by ImmersaView
a man is walking in front of an art exhibit
two different types of architecture are shown in the same color and size as well as black and white
the floor plan for an office with curved desks and spiral staircases on each side
3.1 Phillip Lim — Los Angeles, California
a person standing in front of an ice wall with water and clouds on the walls
Immersive Art + Tech Experiences | ARTECHOUSE | Washington, DC
an illuminated dance floor in the middle of a dark room with several lights on it
an artistic sculpture with many pictures on it's sides and wires attached to the wall
Passing By by Liisa Lounila
several people are walking around an exhibit with posters on the wall and in front of them
Price Studio
a room filled with lots of different types of furniture
Sainsbury Center for Visual Arts | Foster and Partners -