"Rose" Apple Pie Bites
Wilton® ice cream cookie bowl pan - fun way to serve ice cream sundaes—this tool is ideal for baking cookies in the shape of cups. They make the perfect containers for a DIY ice cream bar. They work perfectly for mini cakes, too!
Could do it with any shape or colors.
Star shaped Brioche Bread
Over the Pane Arcobaleno
corona di pane.
Girandola di pan brioche
Tutorial: taglio ed elaborazione di pasta sfoglia

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This bread is so original
Stuffed challah. In Russian but the pictures make it easy. Snail and other shapes also.
Burma Poğaça nasıl yapılır ? Ayrıca size fikir verecek 1 yorum var. Tarifin püf noktaları, binlerce yemek tarifi ve daha fazlası...
روبي                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais
PEYNİRLİ ÇİÇEK POĞAÇA  Note to self - not sure what this says - but the idea in the pic looks really easy... could use for savory or sweet... (herbed potatoes/cheese or sweetened cream cheese/fruit combos) ♥
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Not sure exactly what this is, only that it 1) looks delicious, and 2) it looks like something my sister, Gloria, would like playing with. She could stand around and knead dough for hours! PJN
Easter bread (video) | Sugar  Breads in Russia
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