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an intricately designed rug with blue and yellow accents on the top, surrounded by smaller circular medallions
Khalili Collections | Islamic Art | Single-volume Qur’an
an old book with intricate designs on the cover and pages in gold, red and blue
1698 Décor géométrique et végétal.Al-Juzûlî, Dala’il al-khayrât
an open book with intricate designs on it
(#9) An illuminated Qur'an quarter-section (ruba') on vellum, Andalusia or North Africa, circa 1300 AD
an intricately decorated wall with blue and yellow designs
an open book with designs on it
an intricately designed yellow and blue wall hanging
an intricately designed blue and gold tile
an ornate gold and blue design with arabic writing
an open book with arabic writing on the cover and gold foiled paper around it