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Motherhood is a choice.
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an image of some food that is in the middle of a page with instructions on how to
This comic breaks down why some women don't want kids - Relationship
This comic breaks down why some women don't want kids
a man and woman sitting next to each other in front of a bookshelf
I'm sorry XD
a sign that says you had me at i've been fixed with two people drinking wine
Child-Free Turn On |
Childfree Couple
an antelope with the words i love my kids enough to not have them
“#childfree #antinatalism do your kids a favor, don't have any”
two pictures with the same caption on each one, and an image of a woman in
Will & Grace Karen Walker Quotes
Pronatalist logic. Alrighty then. Doctor Who, Shit Happens, Interesting Questions, Logic
Pronatalist logic. Alrighty then.
two tweets on twitter with the caption'a group of babies is called i'm leaving '
a sticker depicting two people holding hands with money bags in front of them on the back window of a car
BroBible - Sports. Culture. Stuff. - Est. 2009.
No kids lol! Best One Ever! @Amanda Snelson Canion
a woman laying on top of a bed next to a yellow background with the words let's all have a moment of science for people who can't have a moment
Lets all have a moment of silence
a purple background with the words, no, i don't like kids but no, that doesn't make me an awful person
a person is holding a cell phone with the caption'something i never understood '
a man sitting in the grass with an octopus on his lap and a caption that reads, the face you make when someone hands are holding
Saw this, thought of you guys
It wouldn't even get that far! I don't hold babies. Period.