Raffaele Liccardi

Raffaele Liccardi

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Comunità Greco Orientale di Trieste - I passi dei greci attraverso la danza

The Evzones, or Evzoni, (Greek: Εύζωνες, Εύζωνοι) is the name of the members of the Presidential Guard (Greek: Προεδρική Φρουρά), an elite ceremonial unit. The unit is famous around the world for its unique traditional uniform, which has evolved from the clothes worn by the klephts who fought the Ottoman occupation of Greece.

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I will survive, the Greek way... Think Positive Poster Competition, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Did you know during the Ottoman rule of Greece, which lasted for over 400 years, Greeks were not allowed to fly their white flag. In defiance, in Oia they painted their entire housing complex in white with domes giving the village an effective white perspective and elegance.

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