Lady taart / cake art

Lady taart / cake art/ Cora loves this cake! She wants it for her Bday!

Snowman cake

Looking to make the perfect paleo clean eating Christmas cake? This paleo clean eating Christmas cake is something special and

La Torta Maltesers è una golosa torta al cioccolato farcita di crema diplomatica e ricoperta da praline di wafer e cioccolato. La torta prende il nome dalle Maltesers che sono delle praline di wafer ricoperte di cioccolato!

Amazing Maltesers Cake Recipe Do you feel like you want to make something to please your taste buds? Why not make your very own amazing maltesers cake! You can give this to your special someone or share it with your friends. Ingredients: For the cake:

Donatella Semalo - Another angle. Look at the border of the cake plate. Amazing.

Donatella Semalo: Una torta con le roselline :) **can't read it, but like the cake**