Raffaella forcella

Raffaella forcella

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Haircut \\ blond curls

Creating work dominated by occult imagery, nomadic themes and heavy linework, London-based illustrator Tom Gilmour says he finds inspiration in "black tattoo art and early 80's skateboard graphics" to achieve a powerful aesthetic akin to something of a morbid blend of Gus Wagner and Jim Phillips. Gilmour draws each piece by hand in ink with splashes of watercolor and digital renderings to achieve certain shading effects.

Mermaid - print from Dave Quiggle Illustration

girl head by Amund Dietzel

*Hang gliding from a cloud. #Photography #Fantasy Follow Rent a Stylist http://pinterest.com/rentastylist/ Dreamy.

Virgo is an Earth sign, which you get across in this mountain and starry sky design. | 17 Tasteful And Powerful Tattoos For Virgos

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David Côté

my mom told me I can't get a tattoo bc it's not professional