Forme geometriche

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a drawing of flowers in the middle of a field with squares and shapes on it
Figure geometriche
a child's hand holding up a poster with different colored shapes and words on it
La cucina degli scarabocchi – Hervé Tullet
a poster with red triangles and numbers on it's front cover, in spanish
O triângulo a a cor vermelha.
a cartoon book with an image of a smiley face on the cover and trees in the background
Il signor Cerchio e il paese Tuttotondo
three pieces of paper cut out to look like letters and numbers on a wooden floor
Fun shape lesson with free printable shape magnifying glasses - NurtureStore
four squares with different colored dots on them
a child's hand is writing on a piece of paper with scissors and circles
Des fleurs colorées en attendant le printemps
a piece of paper that has been cut out to look like shapes on the floor
Voedselgroepe ` Voedselgroepe | Shape Activities Preschool 20F
a person holding up a poster with different shapes
the worksheet for an art project with different shapes and sizes, including squares, circles
MATEMATICA :: Maestro-Cris
two pieces of paper with different shapes on them
Formas geométricas: atividade de classificação.
a child's drawing on paper with colored circles
a poster with different shapes and colors on the front page, including an image of a house
Disegniamo con le figure (poesia e attività) - Fantavolando
four squares with different colors in the middle and one square at the bottom, all on top of each other