abbiefrank: “ hauntedbystorytelling: “ Three young women eat spaghetti on inflatable mattresses at Lake of Capri, 1939 (AP Photo / Hamilton Wright) ” Love love love ”

Maria Callas and the journalist Elsa Maxwell the Lido of Venice, 5 September 1957 (AP Photo / Staff / Pringle)

un italiano osserva una turista americana che scende la scalinata di Piazza di Spagna a Roma

An Italian man watches an American tourist walking her poodle down the Spanish Steps in Rome. Circa Evans/Three Lions / Getty Images 36 Photos Of Italy In The Fifties That Will Make You Want To Time Travel

TORINO 1957 - nonna e nipotini , picnic al parco *(looks like she's boozing them to shut them up.


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(Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images) Congested traffic outside Milan, as city-dwellers leave for the coast and the mountains to escape the summer heat, Aug.

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Tourists at the Monster Park of Bomarzo, near Rome, 1964 (Keystone Features / Getty Images)