My beautiful Italy

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a narrow canal in venice, italy with buildings reflected in the water
a person is walking down the stairs in an arched building with columns and arches on either side
666 arches, a path of prayer
666 arches, a path of prayer, Bologna,Italy
the sun is setting over an old bridge and some buildings in the background with lights on them
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the mountains are covered with green grass and trees, while houses stand in the foreground
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The Dolomites, Italy
the view from inside a cave looking out at the ocean and mountains in the distance
Mare di Palermo, Sicilia, Italy
an ornate door handle with a gold knob on it's blue painted front door
tables and chairs are lined up along the canal
By the Canal
the leaning tower is lit up at night in front of other buildings and people walking around
pisa tower, italy
Pisa tower, Italy