I have learned this very well....you may think my kindness makes me weak, but I see how it pisses you off ;-)

Well it seems a little oxymoronish to Kill and be Kind at the same time.but being kind is the right thing to do, maybe instead of killing them they will learn to be kind also, or just be kind in return. The Golden Rule if you will.

Walt Disney "La fantasia non ha età e i sogni sono per sempre" #ChiardilunaMaterassi

Walt Disney "La fantasia non ha età e i sogni sono per sempre" /La imaginación…

I cant go back to yesterday because I was a different person then. Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland - INSTANT DOWNLOAD, DIGITAL FILE ONLY, NOT A

absolutely nothing stays the same. Really experiencing the impermanent nature of all phenomena on an unmistakable, experiential level can deeply inform your attitudes, your decisions, and the way you live your life.

Star Walls - Scritte sui muri. — Se la matematica non è un opinione

Chissà se un giorno quelli che contano ci diranno a quanto sono arrivati.

#paolafelice #instalike #instaph #igers #frases #frasitumblr #fphotographer #like4like #draghi

#paolafelice #instalike #instaph #igers #frases #frasitumblr #fphotographer #like4like #draghi

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