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combinaison typographie

Feb 29 Bien choisir sa typographie

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Good for holiday design. 25 more great fonts for parties - A Subtle Revelry. this site has additional great fonts, all free.

Free Fonts!

these are the sort of fonts id use for the cover and masthead because they are different and a bit edgy also quite bold which helps them to stand out.

|Personal BrandingAttraverso il mio logo ho cercato di esprimere al meglio me stessa: diversi colori, forme e pesi si intrecciano in un’unica grande passione: la grafica.Il verde, colore che mi rimanda alla natura, in particolare al mare fonte di ispi…

something short and concise, but with graphics slightly more child friendly. Thats my main customer.

Wild Rose

Typography inspiration

TYPOGRAPHY COMBINATION [love that "wild" is laid-back and "rose" is more structured but with a laissez-faire vibe] Wild Rose Published in Typography inspiration

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Wow, we are loving all these different fonts, each for a different herb. These fonts have an antique quality that I really like about them. I especially love Rosemary and Cilantro because they exude a lot of qualities found in the aesthetic which I love.

'Beautiful People' in the new Paris Pro Typeface Moshik Nadav Typeography

Made with the new Paris Pro Typeface. Paris Pro Typeface by Moshik Nadav includes multiple glyphs for letters along with many options writing the same word in different manners.