Lego: Pure Brainfood Created by Ben Gerstner

I love Lego ads. Still though, I like the tagline of "pure brainfood". You can tell the whole ad was created around the tagline

This Lego advertisement uses legos in place of a salad to make a play on the headline, "Pure Brainfood". Salads are usually seen as healthy (good for you) and Legos help people create things, so Lego tries to reinforce the positive aspect of their product.

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Pure Brainfood Advertising campaign for LEGO Bricks by german advertising agency ServicePlan.


Funny pictures about Minimalistic Lego Cartoon Characters. Oh, and cool pics about Minimalistic Lego Cartoon Characters. Also, Minimalistic Lego Cartoon Characters photos.

Lego: Yellow Brick

fourth ad of the LEGO series. “Every LEGO brick tells a story. Build yours.

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This pin is an advertisement for lego and hows two simple blocks which combine to form the shadow of a battleship. It subtly tells the narrative of how simple blocks can be combined with a child's imagination to form other forms.