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Rachele Serrentino

Rachele Serrentino
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My Stuff: Harmony for Toddlers

Another conversion for toddlers, I hope you enjoy! 😊 Available in default textures, all colors. Available for the base game.

Sims 4 CC's - The Best: Toddlers Hair by synthsims

synthsims: “SYNTH x LUUMIA is back with another release, this time helping you feed your incessant need for toddler CC! basegame hairs EA, really?) We’ve converted 6 child hairs for use on your.

Shady Soul Collector

As promised, part 2 of toddler hairs. and also and several other anons were asking me about the makeup on my toddler sims, and at that time, the eyeliner was just drawn on by me - but then.

DOWNLOAD ❤️️ happy simming~ and as always, thank you guys & to the creators cc that I’ve used; @qvoix or #qvoix would be cool; kindly check my terms of use here / and my other ccs here ✨

please check my terms of use on the right panel or over here _______________________ D ownload please wait 5 seconds; then clic.