rachele caserza
rachele caserza
rachele caserza

rachele caserza

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You can get voluminous curls like these by putting your hair in rollers at night while wet and then blow drying them out in the morning! Brush them out gently, flip your hair over and with a little hairspray they'll be soft and are guaranteed to last all day :)

Bejeweled glam. I love how light and airy the fabric is on the top and peeks out at the bottom of the skirt.

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I just pash over designer bags. I'v had my Juicy Couture handbag for some time now. A little bird told me that my boyfriend is buying me a new Prada handbag for my birthday. Not long to wait :)

vouge photo spreads\ | Kate Upton transforms into high fashion model for latest Vogue spread

Emma Watson. Who knew little Hermione would turn into such a beauty! Gorgeous photo.

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Bianca Balti is an Italian model. Wikipedia

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