Pantone 1365

Alison Anselot was inspired by the color of some dishes for fun composing photographs representing pantone colors.

Pantone 7502

martineken: “ Pantone Food by Alison Anselot After she graduated in 2006 Alison worked as an Art Director for 5 years in advertising agencies (such as Leo Burnett, Famous, Saatchi&Saatchi). As an art.

Pantone 478 C

Belgium-based artist Alison Anselot has come up with a project that matches different PANTONE swatches with the color of mouth-watering sweet.

Pantone 877 C

Pantone Food by Alison Anselot - Artist Alison Anselot, inpired by the Pantone system, created this project featuring variations on the typical pantone swatch, in which the Belgium-based artist uses food to complement the corresponding shades.