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a man is smiling in the pool with his hair blowing back and looking at the camera
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Kurt at the swimming pool
a man with long blonde hair standing next to a brown horse in a parking lot
Lo más tierno del punto mundo
a man with long hair is smiling for the camera
Kurt Cobain
a man with long hair wearing a beanie looking up at the sky in black and white
Security Check Required
a man with long hair is singing into a microphone
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain. All of my peers know where they were when they heard. He's our Kennedy in the sense of the unifying ripple fo sadness felt through my generation.
a woman with long hair holding a microphone
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hardcore softporn
a man with long blonde hair singing into a microphone
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black and white photograph of a man with long hair holding his hand to his face
Kurt Cobain
black and white photograph of man in leather jacket holding cell phone
Kurt Cobain
a man holding a kitten in his hands and smiling at it's owner while outside
ҜURT CΩβΔIΠ🚬 — ~Kurt with cats
a man talking on a cell phone while wearing a sweater and holding his hand up to his ear
I love it when you contemplate