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DUALITY by ART+COM #allestimenti #desing #giappone

This interface between “liquid” (water) and “solid” (land) was thematically used and augmented by the question of “real” (water ripples) and “virtual” (artificial light waves).

Bloom maestro is a discussionbetween Benoit Challand and Simon Duhamel.This project was born from the common will to cooperate on specific theme.Performing shape to create interactions.Control, learn, tame, expectation.Instruments become alive to c…

benoit challand and simon duhamel have realized the series 'bloom maestro', a diverse and surreal set of imagined musical instruments.

Flexible Screens: The Sculpture of Daniel Canogar

Flexible Screens: The Sculpture of Daniel Canogar Daniel Canogar’s latest high-tech artworks are a triple-threat. Each is a mesmerizing digital painting and a seductive sculptural form.

porta estel-lar installation playMID designboom

porta estel-lar by playMID collective takes guests on intergalactic journey