DIY Houses by Night Tutorial | Fellow Fellow

DIY Houses by Night - cut out a picture of a house or castle, carefully cut out windows, and wrap around a flameless candle. So pretty. This would be great to do for friends - with a picture of their house, in black & white or sepia tones

upcycled magazine wreath so colorful!

Upcycled Magazine Wreath

I just love a fun and funky wreath don’t you? This DIY Upcycled Magazine Wreath from Addicted 2 Decorating is so cool and colorful. The best part is you can easily create this project with materials EVERYONE has lying around

Handwoven basket tan brown blue with flower by PurpleDotBoutique. Available to buy on Etsy.

Handwoven basket tan brown blue with flower design by PurpleDotBoutique. Perfect for storing small items such as pencils and pens on your desktop.