Progetto Fuoco 2016

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a magazine page with an image of a computer and other things on it's side
the cover of a magazine with an image of people working on computers and other things
a computer, phone and tablet with the words projecto fuoco channel on it
the number of people in different countries is shown on this poster, which includes an orange circle
the event workshop website is displayed
an aerial view of a city at night with the words programa eventi alel
an advertisement for the event in spanish
wood shavings piled on top of each other
an advertisement for the event with fire and flames on it's back ground, in spanish
the ael logo is shown in green and red
the logo for gruppo italia legno energia
the international pellet market logo is shown in red and brown letters on a white background
the pt technology logo is shown in red and green, with white letters on it
a green leafy sign with an arrow pointing to the word wood is enervable energy
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