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Agriturismo Preggio, and the village of Preggio, are in north Umbria, perfectly located to visit the whole region and south Tuscany as well. In a 1 hour drive…
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an old stone building with a clock tower in the background at dusk, overlooking water and mountains
Corciano -
two people are dancing in front of an audience
Hispellvm 2010
Hispellvm 2012 in Spello, "Festa Romana" from 22 to 26 August 2012
three boys in red and white shirts holding an object
Palio delle Barche - Passignano sul Trasimeno
The "Palio delle Barche" takes place in Passignano sul Trasimeno, from the 21 to the 29 July 2012.
some people are dancing on the street at night
Festival delle Nazioni will be held in Città di Castello from the 25 August to the 7 September 2012.
two men and a woman laughing at each other
Montone, and the 16th edition of the 11-15 July 2012. - "Floating high above an etemal landscape, in the heart of a dark stone town, images from the Adventures of Baron Munchausen tumble across a giant screen which towers over a small moonlit square. While children play, people sitting at tables or chairs arranged as an alfresco cinema, chat, talk, watch - captured by the film."
a large group of people standing in front of a clock on top of a pole
They are three wooden structures made of two octagonal prisms, one on top of the other, supported internally by a wooden frame which has a bar going through it from top to bottom. This bar comes through to the outside and forms two pegs. The bottom peg fixes into a carrying frame called a "barella" which is carried on the shoulders. The top peg is used to fix one of the three little statues who represent the saints who protect the corporations.
a group of people standing around a table with food on it in an old building
"Fior di Cacio", 9/10 June 2012, in Vallo di Nera, Umbria. In these two days of June, dedicated to cheese, you can experiment with combinations, unusual and delicious, between the cheese and other dishes in a marriage of flavor.
a group of people standing on top of a bridge
"Infiorate di Spello", 9/10 June 2012, in Spello, Umbria. Look at this carpet , completely made out of flowers. During the weekend all the Spello' street are covered with carpets made with flowers, a real piece of art. The Infiorata includes a whole night of work to create a flowers for the Corpus Domini feast.
an old manuscript with cursive writing in black ink on white paper, close up
Le Gaite
Every year, in Umbria, there is a little town that goes back for ten days to the 13th century. This is Bevagna and its "Mercato delle Gaite". During these ten days the town is divided in four neighborhoods. They will dress, eat, speak and build things just as it was. They are in big competition between each other and the last challenge is bow and arrow.
two women and a boy wearing head scarves
The "Mercato delle Gaite", in Bevagna 14-20 June 2012, is a big summer festival with medieval banquettes, processions, challenges between the four gaite (quarters) and taverns.