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Case studies

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Your solution? our work

Have you got a ship and do you need to abate SOx in the middle of the ocean? Here you are our sea water scrubber

Skid packaged ammonia reduction scrubber. Flowrate 200 mc/h, ammonia load 30 Kg/h

Problem with smell and emissions out of control? Double bed activated carbon adsorber complete with suction line to maximize adsorption of sulfur compounds (H2S and mercaptans) and VOCs from tank truck remediation. Here is the rendering ... soon the installation ...

Qatar... medical waste incinerator fumes treatment... commissioned When the sun goes down... medical waste incinerator fumes treatment commissioned!!!! Take a look!

Problems with SOx due to your carbon seal production? Or problem with SOx in the exhaust gases? Here you are our solution... take a look

Have you installed an impregnation and coating line? we solve your emission problem with tailored solution!

Have you installed a biomass incinerator and have you got problems with your neighborhood for emissions? Here's our solution

We have finished to design this stripping system to purify water, and to burn the pollutants stripped on a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO).

Do you need to eliminate odour with a natural system? Choose our biofilter. Easier, economic, efficient...

Low concentration of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)? Here you are a solution