When I read a travel quote or see a photo it can immediately send me day dreaming. That's why I decided to put together this collection of travel quotes. Thanks to a recent phone call.

"There are plenty of fish in the sea" quote andillustration

There are plenty of fish in the sea. I just suck at fishing! For me its the complete opposite I catch like 10 fish

#Basilicata here we are!

Basilicata, fantastic place for a family holiday - we all love it!

Matera, Basilicate

I Sassi di Matera Basilicata - Italy, a day trip from Villa Diana. Until the people here lived in these cave houses when the government embarassed by their presence expelled them.

Mosaic artist Laura Hadland made a giant Mona Lisa Mosaic out of bread in Matera, Italy (also known as the city of bread). The mosaic, which was 29 feet wide and 35 feet long, took 10,080 pieces of bread and 3 hours to create. Three types of breads were used: plain, toasted and bread with dark and milk chocolate poured on top of it. so that's y theres the super dark setting on the toaster

Bread Mona Lisa Mosaic - Mosaic artist Laura Hadland is at it again, this time making a giant Bread Mona Lisa Mosaic in the city of Matera, Italy. The Bread Mona Lisa Mosai.

Craco, провинция Матера, региона Базиликата.

Craco, Italy - it sort of looks like something El Greco would paint. #danza #jazz #mare #spiaggia #matera #italy #danza #jazz #mare #spiaggia #matera #italy

Matera by Rickydavid  not far from us

Matera by Rickydavid not far from us #italy #marina #sailing #mediterraneo #basilicata #matera #italy #marina #sailing #mediterraneo #basilicata #matera

Before summer

Before summer

Always beach

Always beach