LOVE this!! I want to make one for my mom and I using my grandma's old sheet music. What a great tribute...better than having it sit in a box!

When I have a regular classroom - not a portable - I've got to make one of these for my library. Greener Grass: Circus Peanuts and Book Wreaths

Фантастични идеи за твоя дом и твоята градина! - Информационна...

How To Make A Lovely DIY Macrame Hammock. or use this method to make a door/wall hanging

Bird Cages For Decor - fill with precious treasures styled for the coffee table,mantle or bedroom. This could easily be done with some lanterns also.

I have a very large vintage bird cage, this will be great to help me find out to use it for home decor. My FAVORITE Using Bird Cages For Decor: 46 Beautiful Ideas

Abbinare i colori delle pareti (Foto 10/41) | Designmag

Abbinare i colori delle pareti - Colore pareti camera da letto

Abbinare i colori delle pareti (Foto 10/41) | Designmag

Arredamento Coastal Decor Driftwood corona Beach di SEASTYLE

Driftwood Wreath, 17" Beach Décor

25 GORGEOUS DIY Handmade Fall Wreaths at

25 Gorgeous Handmade Fall Wreaths

DIY: Book Page (sheet music?) Wreath Tutorial - easy DIY on making this wreath out of old book pages & a wreath form. It is time consuming, but so worth it, so you may want to start with a small wreath first:)