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three screens showing the different features of facebook's new app, including video games and movies
Studiall Book Mobile App
Studiall Book Mobile App by Yafi Asyam 🎮 for Omnicreativora on Dribbble
three smartphones displaying the different books on their screens
Browse thousands of Book App images for design inspiration
two smartphones with books on them and trees in the background
Library App
Library App
an image of a website with books on the page and in the background, there is a phone
Books App Landing UI
two iphones with different books on them, one is displaying the same book title
Audiobook | App design
two smartphones with books displayed on them
5 Cool User Interface for Bookstore
5 Cool User Interface for Bookstore | by Domenico Nicoli | UX Planet
two mobile phones with the text the making of modern ukraine on one screen and the graphic design process on the other
Education Courses App
an image of some kind of book that is open to read on the phone and next to it are several books
📖 e-book reader
two smartphones with books on the screen
5 Cool User Interface for Bookstore
three iphones displaying different books and magazines on the screens, one with an instagram button
Bookshelf - Reading App
two screens showing the different types of books on each page, one is open and the other is closed
Book app - Bookshelf+Detail
an image of a computer screen with books displayed on it's display panel,
webApp book