Hail Immaculate! – John Paul II

Mother Mary and Miraculous Medal

Guide to Confession (for confessor and for penance) – Pope Francis

Do I, a priest, love the Lord as much as this elderly woman? Am I, a priest who was made a minister of his mercy, able to have the mercy that is in the heart of this penitent?

The Holy Shroud – what is it

The Shroud, to the characteristics of its footprint, is a direct and immediate reference that helps to understand and ponder the dramatic reality of the Passion of Jesus

Prayer to the Virgin Mary of Saint Therese de Liesieux

The Holy Virgin Mary with Christ child - original hand painted orthodox icon - 10 by 8 inches, MADE TO ORDER

Prayer of Abandon – Charles De Foucauld

La profezia di Charles de Foucauld: «Così l’islam ci dominerà

John Paul II to the Nigerian families

I wish to pray with you and for you, in order to show Jesus that we believe in the power of love to uproot evil and to banish it from our hearts

John Paul II to the Nigerian young people

I have come to encourage you in the great mission you have to help build a better world, to advance Christ’s Kingdom of truth and life, of holiness and grace, of justice, love and peace

To thee, O blessed Joseph (Prayer to Saint Joseph)

To thee, O blessed Joseph (Prayer to Saint Joseph)