Fluweel is hot!

Fluweel is hot!

YESS, I'm sick of all the monochrome, give me a deep turquoise couch anyway! When I moved to Austin a few years ago, I had nothing but two overweight suitcases in tow. I spent months making trips to and from stores trying to equip my .

Berlin Lounge Sofa

RH TEEN's Berlin Lounge Sherpa Sofa:The next-generation bean bag. Our collection's body-conforming foam-and-bead insert ensures classic sink-in comfort, while the raised back and arm rests add an element of support to its relaxed silhouette.

Pocket : Beyond Sofa Beds: 7 Creative New Kinds of Sleeper Couch

The stylish Stefano sofa bed completely redefines the functionality of a sofa…