My childhood

Childhood was Sunday evening with Walt Disney. Sunday night provided a wonderful family tradition, where the whole clan would gather around to be entertained by the imagination of Walt Disney. Sunday nights were magic! Only TV we got to watch all week!

Barbapapa <3

Some of my favourite French books and childhood characters- Barbapapa!

REYNOLDS PEN ils écrivaient trop fin. j'aimais pas mais l'instit voulait qu'on écrive avec ça.

Pack of 10 Reynolds 045 fine carbure Non smudge ball Point pens BLUE

Les Bisounours

The Care Bears: Tenderheart, Good Luck, Grumpy, Friend Love-a-Lot Bear

21 Jump Street - the good ol' 80s☆

21 Jump Street (TV Series) Film Stills, Official Movie Posters, Pictures, Wallpapers, Behind the scenes &


The Cast from the Movie Fame-loved this show! Every Thursday night!


I would have to say that as a kid my favorite TV show was UFO Robot Grendizer (Goldorak in French). It was a super robot TV anime and manga .

June Chadwick and Jane Badler, “V”, 1984.

June Chadwick & Jane Badler - V The Series. I don't think that's a real computer in the foreground :)