Priscilla Jogthong

Priscilla Jogthong

Altre idee da Priscilla

my-friend-the-frog: when u want to help mages but the boyfriend is in the party

joannekwan: a note on the less obvious: Velanna/Sneezy - more like “Sneery”, let’s just say that whenever she makes a disapproving “tch” noise, it’s mistaken for a sneeze. Zevran/Sleepy - he’s always sleepy during the day because he stays up all night, doing…Zevran things. Tamlen/Dopey - because the damn fool touched the mirror.

The Truth Hurts by MeliciousIntent (omg... Solas noooo)

Jacob & Evie Frye. Frye twins. Assassin's Creed Syndicate.


Owari no seraph

Dragon Age

Cirque Du Soleil's Varekai ~ Icarus

TheOriginalPrep...we love our leather skinny's.... FORGET THE LEGGINGS THE JACKET