Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari, Illegible book N.Y, Published by the Museum of Modern Art, NY. “ Munari first conceived the ‘unreadable book’ in and its first incarnation was exhibited the same year at the.

Ricerca della comodita in una poltrona scomoda. Bruno Munari.

Bruno Munari – Seeking comfort in an uncomfortable chair, 1944

Los libros de Bruno Munari: hibridación contra el pensamiento lineal, Artículos — The Publishing Lab

Bruno Munaris Books: Hybridization Against Linear Thinking. A wonderful tex to read about communications

Bruno Munari (1907-1998) / Paravento (1991) / Faces from Design as Art (1996) / Tensile Structures (1990) / Danese Milano Falkland Lamp (1964) / Robots Biplano table (1972) / Abitacolo bed (1979) / Abitacola sofa (1972) / Italy

Bruno Munari / Paravento / Faces from Design as Art

ABC with imagination by Bruno Munari

ABC with Imagination – Red