frases ❖ "Pequenas PALAVRAS, às vezes, DIZEM grandes coisas"
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a quote that reads sege o teu destinoo rega as tuas plantas, ama as atas rosas,
Fernando Pessoa
an image of a wolf with a quote on it that says, forres sao
a black and white photo with the words as pesoas mais belas sa as que se arrumam por dentro
the words in spanish are written on white paper
an old man is looking at the camera with a caption in spanish above him
Pétalas Soltas
an image of a quote from the famous movie,'elegre era genee vie
an older man sitting in a chair with a quote on the side that says, de que adinta falar de motivos? as vezes, basa um so
Palavras que li e guardei: José Saramago
Xtoriasdacarmita: Palavras que li e guardei: José Saramago
a poem written in spanish on a white background with the words'fermando pessoa '
Fernando Pessoa
a man with a beard wearing a suit and tie in front of a yellow background
A evolução, a honra e o destino honesto de Portugal está nas mãos do povo português
an old man with long white hair and a beard
Chora Que Eu Te Escuto!
Chora Que Eu Te Escuto!
Madrid, Namaste, Mantras
a black and white drawing of a hand holding a pole with the words in spanish
A importância de quebrar os ciclos... #familia #bemestar #sintricare #sintra
the words are written in spanish on a white background with red writing and a pink border
a green and white chevron pattern with the words quanndo voce se permit o que merece, irra atar o que precia
Maiores loucuras da minha vida BEDA#26 - Carioca do Interior
an image of a man with a quote in spanish
Ao discutir com um idiota...