Television didn't know what hit it when the plastic-wrapped corpse of Laura Palmer washed up in Twin Peaks 20 years ago. Now a series of never-before-seen photographs will give fans a fresh look at the groundbreaking series.

Never-Before-Seen Twin Peaks Photos Go Behind the Scenes of Surreal Show

Audrey Horne, dancing in trance to the music - Twin Peaks

'Twin Peaks' Fashion — How to Dress As Your Favorite David Lynch Ladies, From Laura Palmer To Audrey Horne

Lynch directs Dana Ashbrook and Madchen Amick in the Twin Peaks pilot

David Lynch directing Dana Ashbrook and Madchen Amick in Twin Peaks pilot

Twin Peaks by Joshua Budich

Are you excited for the return of Twin Peaks? 🌹🌙☕️ Here are a few sneak peeks at some works for our upcoming David Lynch tribute art show, opening at SPOKE NYC April To learn more,.

Twin Peaks

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Twin Peaks Theme Song (opening credits): The theme song to the David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks, composed by Angelo Badalamenti.

Gordon Cole and Shelly Johnson on Twin Peaks

Gordon Cole / David Lynch and Shelly Johnson / Mädchen Amick in the Double R diner on Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

This is the Sheriff’s department from a small town in Washington called Twin Peaks. They are listening to The Most Perfect Man In The World, Special Agent Dale Cooper, who is explaining an intuitive.