Parametric Lamp

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three wooden lamps hanging from the ceiling
Secto Wooden Pendant Light
Seppo Koho Replica Secto Wooden Pendant Light
a white vase sitting on top of a metal counter next to a black and white wall
123D Make an Awesome…...fill-in-the-blank. (A Lamp in This Case)
123D Make an Awesome…...fill-in-the-blank. (A lamp in this case)
a drawing of a light fixture with the measurements for each bulb and other parts to be used
Octo hanglamp - Hout - Small - Koordset wit
Bomerango | Octo lamp Small | Gewoonstijl
a car dashboard with wooden gear in the center
Чем заняться в пробке? Собрать светильник:) #p_metric - параметрическая мебель из фанеры P.metric #furniture #wood #plywood #parametricdesign #parametric #table #sofa #light by est_maza
a tall wooden lamp with an intricate design on it's base and light bulb
Great parametric light idea - Wooden lighting
a wooden lamp that is sitting on a blue table top with the light turned on
Parametric lamp
parametric light by p.metric
a light that is hanging from a wire on a white wall and has metal strips attached to it
The Affordable Wonder of Laser-Cut Décor
The Affordable Wonder of Laser-Cut Décor - WSJ
a light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room
Pattern puzzle: lamp shades
GUBI // Turbo Pendant Lamp by Louis Weisdorf Delivered fully assembled, foldable upholstered frame for easy install