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there is a bottle with a hammer on it and a sign that says, i have no idea what kind of house warming gift from my neighbors
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
House Warming Gift
the bottom half of a surfboard that has been painted yellow
Vodka Sourdough Bread Gift - Cartoon Food
Bottle Of Top Shelf Vodka Disguised As A Loaf of Bread (White Elephant Gift) @Nicole Novembrino Novembrino Ellard @Tiffany Siskin @georgia lin. lin. Whitley
a doll sitting on top of a sign that says you are too old for elf on the shelf
Came home to this in my drawer. Well played, Mom.
Adult version of EoaS More
a box filled with lemons sitting on top of a counter next to a stove
white elephant gift: when life gives you lemons... make lemonade. Include lemonade recipe with all the ingredients!!! Love this idea :)
a piece of paper with a sign attached to it that says exercise block place block on floor walk around it twice sit down relax you have just walked
Slightly Unusual Stuff for sale | eBay
Exercise block - Place block on floor. Walk around it twice. Sit down! Relax! You have just walked twice around the block!
two twenty dollar bills sitting next to each other on top of a piece of paper
A Teacher's Funny Way to Make Study Less Boring
This would be an awesome dirty santa gift. Obviously leave the name off the card, but still.
a jar filled with lots of silver glitter
VTAY's mind theatre ~
just in case my future child finds a way to like Twilight....this will be their punishment.. :]
a jar filled with lots of orange balls next to a bottle of diy spray
Super Easy White Elephant Gift for Team Party
The Lily of the Valley Craft Room: Super Easy White Elephant Gift for Team Party
a can with a red bow on top of it and a note attached to it
Re3 - Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.
This too cute. Thank goodness I have friends who would love the humor! LoL Cutest gag gift ever! Birthday, Christmas or ? just change wording on the gift tag.
two pictures with scissors and some writing on the inside of a cup that says, a tool kit for making major life decisions
Happy New Year...and a peek into our Christmas 2014! | Make It & Love It
Rock paper scissors (maybe lizard spock). Love this. Also a fun white elephant gift.