Boston! "Cut an old sweater sleeve and use as sock without the bunchiness in your boot."

SO smart! - cut an old sweater sleeve and use as sock look-a-like without the bunchy-ness in your boot. need to remember this for fall! old sweater sleeve

These mammatus clouds formed on June 26th 2012 above Regina, Canada shortly after a thunderstorm.

A rare cloud formation called a mammatus, where clouds take on a bubble-like shape, appeared in the skies above Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. Photo courtesy of Preston Smoke

Thanksgiving Table Setting

A Bird's Leap: DIY Minimalistic Thanksgiving Table Setting Silverware holder folded from a sheet of paper that's got a printed message, prayer, etc. Could glue one a feather for more texture, color.

of note.

Love this piano shaped pool, substantially bigger than the one my Dad made on the front lawn. And come to think of it, Liberace had a piano-shaped pool.

petrified wood sink

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Cacti Medusa

Funny pictures about Medusa Cactus. Oh, and cool pics about Medusa Cactus. Also, Medusa Cactus.

Dream Catcher

Hawkwind Series - ring Pacha in Stone Smoke Black with Natural Feathers, Carved Branch and Quartz Crystal

Fully Booked Tent #camping

Fully Booked Tent

Tape Dispenser Black, $15, now featured on Fab.

Cassette Tape, Scotch Tape Dispenser Black by Jamie and Mark Antoniades

Contraband Trip Box 3 Pack, $23, now featured on Fab.

Great for the smart ass on your gift list. Contraband Trip Box 3 Pack now featured on Fab.

LEGO Storage Brick Set Of 3, $69.99, now featured on Fab.

For your little brick master: LEGO Storage Bricks, perfect bedroom storage bins