Do-it-yourself dog park

Our first ever Pintervention pop-up in Peters Park in Boston, Massachusetts May 8–10. Here are the Pins we brought to life. More details at
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If a toy squeaks, your dog will chew until he gets to the source—and possibly choke on the small part. A safer alternative is this rope knot toy with a yummy treat inside.

Rope Ball Surprise Dog Toy DIY at Hands Occupied - like this large view for making the knot. This is the Monkeys Fist Knot.

Build an easy and inexpensive treat dispenser for less than $15. The shopping list is simple: Chicken nesting box, a PVC pipe and end caps.

DIY Treat Dispenser #PAW2014

This would definitely keep your pet entertained during the day! DIY interactive treat dispenser from Daily Dog Tag

There’s nothing tired about this dog bed. Paint an old car or motorcycle tire, add a cushion and you’re done.

DIY Comfy Pet Bed with Tire

Dogs truly are a man's best friend, so why not make them feel like it? These 14 DIY dog beds are sure to spoil your pet to the next level! Not only are these for your doggie best friends, but also loo

Dogs love to work hard and play hard. To stimulate their mind and body, try a reward game like this food-filled bottle.

He Built The GREATEST Toy For His Dog! Wow, What An Awesome Idea! totally building this for ginger when I get home! :) Except need 2 powerade juice bottles on the end. John will make for Lola

Your dog will jump for joy when he sees this.

How to Build a Tire Jump

The tire jump is an interesting variation on a normal hurdle. It is constructed of a frame with a large hoop in the middle that resembles a tire, henc.

Photo backdrops are always fun at parties, but put a dog in there—instant hit!

Circus /Carnival Party Birthday Party Ideas

Ever wonder what it feels like to catch a Frisbee in your mouth? Strap an action cam onto your dog's back and experience life through canine eyes.

Gopro Accessories ForGopro Hero 1 / Gopro Hero 2 / Gopro Hero 3 / Gopro Hero 3 / Gopro / All Gopro / Others / Gopro Hero 4 Session – GBP £

Build a complete agility course with jump bars, weave poles and a teeter totter. Click through to see step-by-step instructions, plus the tools and materials to use.

How to Build a DIY Dog Agility Course

Agility training is a great way to keep your pet happy, healthy, and smart. Learn how to build a DIY dog agility course with help from This Old House today!

Photo cutouts are always fun at parties, but put a dog in there—instant hit!

Step right up for a circus and carnival extravaganza

Weave poles are one of the most challenging obstacles in dog agility training, so it’s helpful to have some at home for practice. Here’s what you’ll need and how to set them up.

DIY Dog Agility Weave Poles with the Dog Agility Shop // Ammo the Dachshund …

Learn how to build an adjustable dog agility seesaw with non-slip footing.

Build an Adjustable Dog Agility Seesaw

Give your pooch a place he can call his very own. Teepees are easy to make, inexpensive and far more interesting than a typical crate or dog bed.

DIY Dog Teepee - because Farrah loves to lay under things

Create endless games and sequences with ground-level hoops. To make your own, all you need is sturdy plastic piping.

Hooper's Hoop by Affordable Agility.great way to keep a retired agility dog playing the game! I actually made my own, pretty easily.