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a doll carrying a potted plant in it's back, while walking down the street
Farmers’ Market Flowers
a small toy cow sitting on top of balloons
an old black and white object with some dirt on it's surface, next to a parking meter
a pile of leaves and nuts on the ground
a close up view of some very pretty pine cones
"Close-up Showing Pattern Of A Pine Cone" by Stocksy Contributor "David Smart"
a close up view of the inside of a pomegranate that has been cut open
Jess Koppel
a close up view of the leaves of a plant
several seashells are shown in an ice - filled container, with one shell missing
a blue bowl filled with tomatoes on top of a counter
an avocado sitting on top of a blue and orange plate next to some other fruits
the inside of a cave with lots of stalate formations and stairs leading up to it
close up view of the texture of a knitted fabric, blue and grey colors
an old manhole cover with the word m & n on it and small square tiles